Thursday, 20 July 2017

Is Questioning Your Relationship Right?

Sometimes we have those moments when we think ‘is this person right for me?’ and it can be quite
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scary. We all want to believe that the person we are with is the right one so you might be tempted to think that questioning it is wrong or that it will somehow mean that your relationship is doomed. That, however, is not the case at all.

Questioning our relationship when everything is right is simply a product of the media telling us that if things are not like they were when we first got together (the ever romanticized Honey Moon phase) then something is wrong and it has become stale and boring or that the relationship has run its course. The truth is that there is no set course for the relationship and love, like anything else, takes work and dedication. Being unhappy in a relationship is one thing but simply wondering if this person is the right one for the rest of your life is actually a very healthy thing! It means that you are considering spending your life next to someone.

So, question away and when you do make sure you take time to consider your question. Are things going well? Is the relationship stable and making you happy? Are you in love (not in the puppy love way but in the real way)? Question away and you might realize that in reality you are just entering a new stage of your life that is equally as enjoyable and yet not as anxiety inducing.

If you decide that you want to enter this stage remember there are things that you can do in order to keep your love alive and well. Perhaps it is time to try tantric massages in London from agencies like Tantric Dolls? These massages are a great way to truly cement your relationship and bring some much needed vitality to your sex life and to make sure that every time you and your partner have sex it will be with the most incredible feelings behind it and the now newly formed Stability stage will flow smoothly and with enough passion to make the honey moon phase seem like child’s play. 
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