Monday, 12 June 2017

Summer Tantric Adventures

In just a few short weeks it will be officially summer and most of us Londoners could not be any more excited. It is during this season that most of us finally get to see the sunlight and there will be plenty of skin exposed, plenty of parties to attend, alcohol to drink and new people to meet and hopefully many new adventures to be had. So why not mark this special occasion with a luscious tantric massage in London from Minx Massage?

What better way to get yourself in the mood for the sexiest season than trying the sexiest activity London has to offer? You can even see if you can manage to get your massage in on the summer solstice and thus welcome the season with a body ready for pleasure and a mind open to all the new adventures that are to come your way. Experience the first one of those adventures in a hotel room or in your own room in London and let your body be explored, let your skin be pampered and let your min be tickled in all the right places. You will feel as if there truly is a change in your life when you find yourself covered in the most delicious oils and with your masseuse’s body making you feel completely renewed, refreshed and satisfied.

This exotic and erotic experience is one of the best kept secrets in all of London and just trying it once will be enough to have you fall completely and madly in love with the season. Whether you have your massage now or in the middle of summer you will feel as if you have just gone on a journey that has only one destination: your complete pleasure and satisfaction. So even if you are staying in London for the holidays you will not be missing out on anything and that surely is the best way to start the summer season. Of course you can always come back for more, perhaps after a party or on a warm night when you find yourself alone and longing for the supple arms of a woman and her amazing ability to make summer feel like it could last forever.   

The temperature is high, and you can feel it all over your body. The sheets stick to you and your hair has a sheen that you wish would go away. The ceiling fan creeks as it lazily takes another full revolution that does not help the heat ease up. The sky is dark and the stars twinkle as a drop of sweat drips from your nose. Everything is warm, too warm almost but yet it feels welcoming and gentle. You look at the other side of the bed and hear as someone laughs outside the window. Have they been drinking? Of course, it is London, after all.

You know you could be out there too but tonight you have decided to stay in. The simple pleasures the city has to offer suddenly lost their appeal and you much rather find yourself comfortably on your bed. You want something more, something stronger, a satisfaction and pleasure so great that it drives the temperature to almost intolerable levels. You long for it.

There is a knock on the door, one you have been expecting. You pry yourself from the comfort of your bed and put on a robe that is neither too warm nor cool enough and walk toward the knocking. When you open the door you have to do your best to not seem completely shocked. The woman standing there is not only good looking but you are sure if you look down the hall she came from you will find a row of men she has entranced on the way here, on the way to you. She greets you and asks if she can come in and of course, you let her. As she passes next to you she smells of lavender, coconut and another smell that makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle with excitement.

You try to make small talk, pour yourself a drink before you go back to the bed and get ready. Your tantric massage is about to begin and all your dreams and desires are about to be met. The night is warm and it is about to get a lot warmer… are you ready?

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