Friday, 25 November 2016

Massage Oils

Of the things that can truly take a tantric massage London experience more intimate and comfortable for both the masseuse and client is the correct use of high quality oils. Using quality oils is one of the ways that an experience can easily go from average to truly incredible. Oils make the skin warm and smooth and aid the masseuse’s hands and body as her skin glides over yours. This is when having quality oils can feel velvety, smooth, gentle and inviting.

There are many massage oils a masseuse can choose from and sometimes it depends on the massage but one of the most common is definitely coconut oil. This is because this oil is exceptional for massages and that acts as an effective moisturizer to all kinds of skin and won’t leave such an oily residue on oily skins but will penetrate deeply into dry skin. It feels soft to the touch and will leave you feeling nourished whilst adding a tropical note to your massage. Just that wonderful tropical scent will transport you from your room in London to an exotic sunset in a tropical paradise while a spectacular woman works to awaken your pleasure chakras.

Another common oil that is used during massages is Almond oil. It has a light texture, and can easily pierce deeply into the skin with every movement of the masseuse’s expert limbs. It has a nice and relaxing ability that leaves sore skin feeling refreshed but decadent and the smell will remind you of warm baked goods.

Argan oil is what you might be after if your skin is sensitive or you have any sore spots you might want to smooth out. You’ll be able to feel its magical healing touch as it’s worked into your skin. You’ll even find immediate relief for any pain or discomfort and you’ll skin will naturally start its healing process as the lubricated hands of a woman work this oil into your most sensitive areas. This is a particularly non greasy so you’ll feel lubricated without getting too messy. This is perfect to request for when you have if you’re getting a massage and ten going somewhere as you won’t look greasy and instead just have that nice natural sheen that sets off a naturally warm glow.  

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