Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bank Holiday celebrate with high class escort in London

Whilst it feels like it has taken aeons for the weather to improve in London, suddenly it seems as if summer is here and whilst it did not arrive in time for our first official bank Holiday it looks set to be present for our next. May traditionally enjoys two public holidays. One at the beginning of the month for May Day and one at the end of the month for Spring. Up until 1834 a public holiday was observed for all the saint’s feast days, all 33 of them! For each of these days the Bank of England closed and trading was impossible and due to business needs, these official ‘Bank’ holidays were reduced to just four. 1st May (May day), 1st November (All Saints day), Christmas Day and Good Friday however in 1871 the Bank Holidays Act was introduced to English law and new holidays were officially recognised. These gave workers the right to a day of rest and included Easter Monday, Whit Monday (May Day), First Monday in August (later moved to end of August) and Boxing Day (ST Stephens Day). Christmas day and Good Friday were already recognised as historic holidays and so were not included in the new law however New Year’s day did not become a legal bank holiday until 1974 however there were high numbers of absent staff in all businesses on that day!

 All of us look forward to enjoying a Bank Holiday, especially if the weather is warm. It used to be the case that all businesses were closed on these days however in recent years only offices and banks tend to close with stores, restaurants and other entertainment facilities taking advantage of people with extra time on their hands. Indeed our very own beautiful London escorts are usually extremely busy on Bank Holidays as our clients often like to book their time in advance. Should you desire some high class company to share the next Bank Holiday with at the end of May then do give us a call
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