Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Get The Most Out of Cycling with a Tantric Massage

The spring is finally in full swing in beautiful London and many avid cyclists will be hitting the tarmac or touring the United Kingdom’s beautiful countryside now the sun is out. Even if your bike simply forms part of your daily commute it is important to care for your tired muscles as this otherwise impact free sport can quickly build tension in your tendons. We’ve tailored our guide to tantric massage to racing cyclists but expect more to come as the many benefits of erotic massage suit cyclists of all abilities.

Timing your massage from London Tantric is essential if you are about to embark on a big race. It is perfect to go for a massage before as not only will your body thank you for releasing tensions and rewarding, it’s hard work with an erotic treat from one of our beautiful elite masseuses, you will also be lithe and ready for action, free of toxins for the big day. A deep tissue massage is advised the week before your race, for example a Swedish massage. The firm grip of a pair of beautiful hands is sure to pulse through your body and energize every inch of you ready for action. This is sure to flush all the built up toxins from your tight limbs. Not only that, but an erotic release is sure to offer a calm beyond all others to chance away post-race nerves.

If you are seeking a tantric experience closer to race day (and why not!? You’ve definitely earned it!). A simple relaxing experience is advised the day before the race. There is little reason you can’t get tortured and tensed in sexual ways. Perhaps consider an erotic body-to-body massage with one of our beautiful girls? Their full figure will tantalize your body and you will find yourself forgetting everything as you give way to your fantasies. The ultimate release of this erotic experience could not be more relaxing. A nuru massage is even more perfect for the day before nerves, as your masseuse’s body glides over yours you will barely remember anything but your pleasure.
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Is it all as bleak as we think in May?

Not at all, there are 100's of special offers to be found from cheap getaways to restaurant 50% discount offers. What a better way to share the saving but with a Birmingham Escort found on The Sex D UK. Have a look at some of the deals we have found in Birmingham for May. First of all 'Dine Birmingham' website has a voucher booklet that you can download. That has deals for everyones tastes. Should you wish for an afternoon tea date with a beautiful english rose Birmingham Escort, then there is a deal at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Or if a sultry Latino Birmingham Escort is more to your liking, then Byzantium would be perfect for the pair of you to dine.

Hotels in Birmingham have some awesome deals on also for the Month of May. The Hilton have deals all month for all city weekend breaks up to 50% on a Friday and Saturday. Perfect for a out of town break with a beautiful Birmingham Escort off The Sex D UK. Or for a more boutique style break try Hotel Du Vin on Church Street. Have a look on for the best deals.

With Birmingham Selfridges experiencing the biggest year to date so far with the January Sales its a perfect time for you treat yourself to a Birmingham Escort off The Sex D UK. I am sure that some of out ladies are doing a cheeky deal or so.

Liverpool Blog to come i just need to source Liverpool restaurants and Hotels
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Monday, 9 May 2016

The Playboy Club – Mayfair London

The very first European Playboy club opened its doors at number 45 Park Lane, Mayfair in 1966. This venue immediately became a successful and popular haunt for the rich and famous in Mayfair London, especially as its opening coincided with the UK government legalising gambling.

Inside the Playboy Club in London
Playboy Club, London
The opening of the new nightspot set a new standard not only in the UK but around the world as London’s Playboy club was at the top of its game with regards to indulgence, luxury and status.
One of the main draws to the night spot was, of course, the Playboy bunnies, attracting many a famous face including those fabulous and beautiful Mayfair escorts from Saucy London Escorts Sean Connery, George Best, Roger Moore and Michael Caine. The Playboy club in Mayfair also attracted the uber rich and many a prince from the Middle East splashed their cash every weekend making this club the most profitable of the Playboy Empire.

The Mayfair Playboy Bunnies

The Mayfair Playboy bunnies were more than just waitresses, in fact, the training to become a successful bunny was pretty intense. The ladies had to look a certain way and in those days, there weren’t any silicone implants. The Bunny’s had to audition for the role and were carefully selected, just like the beautiful Mayfair escorts are today.

A photograph taken of Hugh Hefner at the London, Mayfair Playboy Club.
Hugh Hefner At London Playboy Club
Once selected to represent this high profile brand the bunnies began their training. This included being able to identify over 150 brands of liquor, how to garnish 20 cocktail variations, food tasting in order to be able to discuss these dishes with the clientele and more famously the Bunny manoeuvres!
Each of the Mayfair bunnies was required to learn numerous stances, postures and manoeuvres, there were the Bunny stance, the Bunny perch and the famous Bunny dip which consisted of the bunny gracefully leaning backwards, bending at the knees with the left knee lifted and tucked behind the right leg. All of this was required just to prevent the client getting an eyeful of the bunny’s cleavage which in their uniform was a pretty tall order.
Despite the high profile clients, it was forbidden for the bunnies to date any of them, and the customers were fully aware and respectful of the fact that they couldn’t touch the bunnies.

A photograph taken in 1981 of the Brixton Riots.
1981, The Brixton Riots
In 1981 the London hotspot was forced to close due to the local government not renewing their gambling license however this would not last forever. Hugh Heffner’s famous bunnies are now residing at 14 Park Lane, Mayfair and just like the traditional bunnies of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the modern day bunnies also come with bunny ears and a fluffy tail!

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