Thursday, 4 June 2015

How To Dress For Flirting

Looking your best makes you feel more confident and ready for anything. When you’re dressing for an appointment with an exclusive Mayfair escort you should be dressing to flirt.

Because You’re Worth It

When you look your best your confidence gains a huge boost and other people notice. Exclusive escorts in Mayfair take considerable pride and care in their grooming and personal appearance not only because they like to look good. They know the impact their appearance and confidence will have on their clients, so a little bit of extra effort is always worth it.

When you’re dressing to impress you should firstly dress to impress yourself. Valuing yourself means that you acknowledge how important you are and your contribution to the lives of others. Recognising this gives you a natural boost of confidence, which you can use to overcome any apprehensive thoughts you may have prior to meeting exclusive Mayfair escorts.

Flatter Your Body Type

Your clothes should fit you properly. Ill-fitting clothes do very little to flatter your shape, size or confidence in your appearance. Clothes that are too tight restrict your movement and make you feel ill at ease. Garments that are too roomy give your body shape no clear definition and make you look unkempt and untidy. Not only should your clothes fit for comfort, they should also flatter your body type. 

When it comes to accentuating your masculinity nothing beats a well made bespoke suit. One-button, three-piece or classic double-breasted, the tailor made suit is cut to fit your own unique body shape and size and therefore fits you like a glove. To flatter your body type choose a handmade suit that camouflages your least favourite features and accentuates the best. When you are dressed in clothes that fit you perfectly you naturally walk taller and with more confidence.

Complement Your Companion

Exclusive escorts in Mayfair always wear the most appropriate clothes for the occasion. When you have an appointment with a high class Mayfair escort dress according to the type of booking you have made. Consider if you will be wining and dining your companion at a Michelin starred London restaurant, enjoying cocktails in a 5 star hotel bar, going to the theatre or opera or attending a lavish corporate business function.

To flirt in style choose an outfit that is elegant, sophisticated, distinctive and flattering. Your unique individuality can be highlighted with subtle flamboyant touches – a beautiful silk tie, cufflinks, handkerchief, handmade shoes etc.
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