Thursday, 8 February 2018

Take Your Coventry Escort To A Ronan Keating Gig

Ronan Keating Announces Gig in Coventry – How to Get a Ticket
Ronan Keating has announced a gig in the town of Coventry, and hence a lot of excitement is already buzzing among the fans, and consequently, they are very eager to get a ticket to be part of the show. There are two ways how you can get a ticket for this event which is as described below –

Offline Mode

Ronan Keating, who is a very popular Irish recording artist, musician, and singer, will be playing live in the town of Coventry on the 30th of March 2018. The announcement of this event has already left the fans crazy, and they want to be a part of this show at any cost. There is already a massive demand for the tickets and is expected to increase more and more as the date of the event nears. The show is all set to take place in the Ericsson Indoor Arena at the Ricoh Arena which will be a part of a Coventry Live Celebration of the live music programme. Now for the ticketing part, you can simply visit the information centre of the indoor arena where you can buy the tickets from the counter. But you need to keep in mind that there is a high possibility of a large queue and hence you might require waiting a long time for your turn to arrive.

Online Mode

You can also go for purchasing the tickets online for this particular event which is much of a more convenient option rather than physically visiting the arena and getting the tickets. This would save you a lot of time waiting in the queue, and you would get the ticket very easily with the help of just a few clicks. The tickets are available on which costs 35 Euros along with a booking fee that you need to pay.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Top Things to do in Northampton

Known for its charming college towns, Northampton is probably one of the most picturesque towns in the UK. Simultaneously, while it is just about an hour and a half drive from Central London, it is often overlooked by tourists. To give the city a refresh in the minds of all, we list below some of the top things you can do in this beautiful and pulsating city of Northampton.

  • Visit historic homes and castles

Because of its proximity to London, the city was ideal for aristocrats to stay out of sight yet remain within reaching distance to London. Thus, you can find numerous stately homes built by them here which are open to visit by tourists today. The Holdenby House, Althorp, Burghley House, Boughton House, etc. are just a few houses worth visiting.

  • Charming gardens

The city flaunts numerous charming gardens to enjoy and revel in nature. Most of the stately homes have an exquisite garden of their own for public visit. Apart from it, there are several other small gardens and parks sprinkled across the city. The city is abundantly laced with woodlands, wetland reserves, and arboretums as well. One can bask in nature to the hilt.

  • Get your hunger for speed satisfied

The super-revved up motorsport capital of Britain, the city, is a dream location for all motor racing buffs. The area boasts of being the home ground of five of the world’s top Formula 1 teams. Hus, it is not at all surprising that the city flaunts an area called Formula 1 Valley. While visiting this exciting place, you can also get behind the formula cars yourself and experience the same thrill and adrenaline rush.

  • Feed your shoe fetish fantasy 

Once a major shoemaking hub for a major portion of the British Empire; the city is still the place to find custom made shoes especially for men. Numerous leading shoe brands have their manufacturing centres here. You also have a fantastic Northampton Museum and Arts Gallery which takes you through the history of shoes. It displays over 15,000 shoes and boasts of archival records of over 50,000 shoes. It even houses the shoes worn by historical icons like Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Is Questioning Your Relationship Right?

Sometimes we have those moments when we think ‘is this person right for me?’ and it can be quite
Astonishing tantric massseuse Emily is one of the ladies from Tantric Dolls

scary. We all want to believe that the person we are with is the right one so you might be tempted to think that questioning it is wrong or that it will somehow mean that your relationship is doomed. That, however, is not the case at all.

Questioning our relationship when everything is right is simply a product of the media telling us that if things are not like they were when we first got together (the ever romanticized Honey Moon phase) then something is wrong and it has become stale and boring or that the relationship has run its course. The truth is that there is no set course for the relationship and love, like anything else, takes work and dedication. Being unhappy in a relationship is one thing but simply wondering if this person is the right one for the rest of your life is actually a very healthy thing! It means that you are considering spending your life next to someone.

So, question away and when you do make sure you take time to consider your question. Are things going well? Is the relationship stable and making you happy? Are you in love (not in the puppy love way but in the real way)? Question away and you might realize that in reality you are just entering a new stage of your life that is equally as enjoyable and yet not as anxiety inducing.

If you decide that you want to enter this stage remember there are things that you can do in order to keep your love alive and well. Perhaps it is time to try tantric massages in London from agencies like Tantric Dolls? These massages are a great way to truly cement your relationship and bring some much needed vitality to your sex life and to make sure that every time you and your partner have sex it will be with the most incredible feelings behind it and the now newly formed Stability stage will flow smoothly and with enough passion to make the honey moon phase seem like child’s play. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Summer Tantric Adventures

In just a few short weeks it will be officially summer and most of us Londoners could not be any more excited. It is during this season that most of us finally get to see the sunlight and there will be plenty of skin exposed, plenty of parties to attend, alcohol to drink and new people to meet and hopefully many new adventures to be had. So why not mark this special occasion with a luscious tantric massage in London from Minx Massage?

What better way to get yourself in the mood for the sexiest season than trying the sexiest activity London has to offer? You can even see if you can manage to get your massage in on the summer solstice and thus welcome the season with a body ready for pleasure and a mind open to all the new adventures that are to come your way. Experience the first one of those adventures in a hotel room or in your own room in London and let your body be explored, let your skin be pampered and let your min be tickled in all the right places. You will feel as if there truly is a change in your life when you find yourself covered in the most delicious oils and with your masseuse’s body making you feel completely renewed, refreshed and satisfied.

This exotic and erotic experience is one of the best kept secrets in all of London and just trying it once will be enough to have you fall completely and madly in love with the season. Whether you have your massage now or in the middle of summer you will feel as if you have just gone on a journey that has only one destination: your complete pleasure and satisfaction. So even if you are staying in London for the holidays you will not be missing out on anything and that surely is the best way to start the summer season. Of course you can always come back for more, perhaps after a party or on a warm night when you find yourself alone and longing for the supple arms of a woman and her amazing ability to make summer feel like it could last forever.   

The temperature is high, and you can feel it all over your body. The sheets stick to you and your hair has a sheen that you wish would go away. The ceiling fan creeks as it lazily takes another full revolution that does not help the heat ease up. The sky is dark and the stars twinkle as a drop of sweat drips from your nose. Everything is warm, too warm almost but yet it feels welcoming and gentle. You look at the other side of the bed and hear as someone laughs outside the window. Have they been drinking? Of course, it is London, after all.

You know you could be out there too but tonight you have decided to stay in. The simple pleasures the city has to offer suddenly lost their appeal and you much rather find yourself comfortably on your bed. You want something more, something stronger, a satisfaction and pleasure so great that it drives the temperature to almost intolerable levels. You long for it.

There is a knock on the door, one you have been expecting. You pry yourself from the comfort of your bed and put on a robe that is neither too warm nor cool enough and walk toward the knocking. When you open the door you have to do your best to not seem completely shocked. The woman standing there is not only good looking but you are sure if you look down the hall she came from you will find a row of men she has entranced on the way here, on the way to you. She greets you and asks if she can come in and of course, you let her. As she passes next to you she smells of lavender, coconut and another smell that makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle with excitement.

You try to make small talk, pour yourself a drink before you go back to the bed and get ready. Your tantric massage is about to begin and all your dreams and desires are about to be met. The night is warm and it is about to get a lot warmer… are you ready?

Monday, 23 January 2017

Party Recovery with Tantra

We’ve all been there… we just need a day off to party and even though we have a meeting the next morning or even a test we simply let go. No one is going to tell you not to do this and no one is going to chastise you for it (you’re a freaking adult and should know the consequences to your actions). So you’ve been out all night and know you have to get it together so what do you do? Of course the first thing you do is hydrate because your body is probably feeling the effects of having acted like a teen last night but once that’s done it’s time for some serious damage control.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have time to book a tantric massage from Minx Massage for when you get home from your party. If you didn’t think of this genius plan before then make sure you have about an hour to spare and book your tantric massage for then.

The reason tantric massages are so good in this situation is because you need to look and feel like you actually got a relaxing night of sleep. Also if you’re worrying about remembering facts and figures you need to discuss with your boss tantric massages not only help you relax but also help your entire body become oxygenated to the max so your brain will be able to think properly after your massage is done. Also, sometimes when we go out drinking even though we shower we can still look a little rough, a tantric massage can help you by adding oil to your skin to give you that ‘healthy glow’ you would have if you had slept in all night and moisturized profusely before bed.

All in all you’ll be feeling great at least long enough to deliver your presentation or have that important meeting. So next time you plan on going out and not have a backup plan for the next day make sure you have a tantric massage ready and remember that afterward you can definitely sleep and enjoy the rest of your day after a job well done. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Massage Oils

Of the things that can truly take a tantric massage London experience more intimate and comfortable for both the masseuse and client is the correct use of high quality oils. Using quality oils is one of the ways that an experience can easily go from average to truly incredible. Oils make the skin warm and smooth and aid the masseuse’s hands and body as her skin glides over yours. This is when having quality oils can feel velvety, smooth, gentle and inviting.

There are many massage oils a masseuse can choose from and sometimes it depends on the massage but one of the most common is definitely coconut oil. This is because this oil is exceptional for massages and that acts as an effective moisturizer to all kinds of skin and won’t leave such an oily residue on oily skins but will penetrate deeply into dry skin. It feels soft to the touch and will leave you feeling nourished whilst adding a tropical note to your massage. Just that wonderful tropical scent will transport you from your room in London to an exotic sunset in a tropical paradise while a spectacular woman works to awaken your pleasure chakras.

Another common oil that is used during massages is Almond oil. It has a light texture, and can easily pierce deeply into the skin with every movement of the masseuse’s expert limbs. It has a nice and relaxing ability that leaves sore skin feeling refreshed but decadent and the smell will remind you of warm baked goods.

Argan oil is what you might be after if your skin is sensitive or you have any sore spots you might want to smooth out. You’ll be able to feel its magical healing touch as it’s worked into your skin. You’ll even find immediate relief for any pain or discomfort and you’ll skin will naturally start its healing process as the lubricated hands of a woman work this oil into your most sensitive areas. This is a particularly non greasy so you’ll feel lubricated without getting too messy. This is perfect to request for when you have if you’re getting a massage and ten going somewhere as you won’t look greasy and instead just have that nice natural sheen that sets off a naturally warm glow.  

Monday, 25 July 2016

best places to visit in london

I like london is one of the best agency that you can have a great time, meet gorgeous models and have some of the best moments in London with amazing and attractive females, females that you might think it want possible to meet, in I like London you will have a wide range of services either indoors or outdoors depending in what kind of fun you want to have and what you want, we can direct you to the best companion that will bring you the most of entertainment.

London is a great city with many landmarks in which will makes it one of the most visited cities in the world, contrasting with the topical heather that London always has this city got many places that you can go, from the many museums that has free entrance to the gardens and galleries. The red bus and the red phone boots are something known trough out the world and they still very much present in the streets of London.

The London tower bridge if one of the most exciting place to visit especially now, that they have make a glass pedestrian pass way on top of the bridge, make this journey much more fun and unique.
In London you will also find one of the most exact clocks in the world, the big ben make alongside with the most famous parliament in the world the west minister makes a great time tip around london.
But london got much more than that, the Piccadilly Circus is a must stop where you can see unique street acts and where is the very famous giants animated panels with Sanyo and TDK adverts.

If you are looking for fun london is a great city to visit and the I like london escorts is the agency will give you great models in london.